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“Love In Lights: The Breakdown” 🎥⭐️🎬

Descriptions for each of the clips from the film.

The film begins with an introduction to one of the two main characters, S. She is doing a voice over that introduces the story.
The scene then cuts to S in her living room working on a script. We then learn that the film is pretty much told from her perspective.
This concludes S’s voice over and the story officially begins.
The title image then appears.
We then see S in what appears to be her dance practice outfit. This was a bit of an official introductory photo to her character. S is an actress who has been chosen to portray a character named “Vanessa”, a dancer in the film. She is also very committed to her work and keeps her guard up quite often.
Truthfully, this photo did not make it into the final cut of the film, even though it was intended to. O is seen posing in his practice outfit as well. O is also an actor who has been chosen to portray a character named “Caleb”, a pianist in the film. He is a very outgoing guy.
The film then cuts to the first look at S & O as “Caleb” and “Vanessa”. This is the poster for their film in the film.
Moving on, it is a late night rehearsal for the two. S is spending her time in the dance studio practicing for her big performance scene in the film. O is in the music studio practicing on the piano for the scene as well. S takes a quick drink break and sees that she is not the only one working late.
S heads over to the music studio and sees him. The two converse in friendly conversation and O shares his frustration with his original piece that he is supposed to play in the performance. He feels like it is missing something. S joins him on the bench and offers her assistance. O is hesitant at first, not knowing how much assistance a dancer could give him. S begins to play the piano, adding in a new piece of her own. O is impressed, but notices something is off. S is clearly playing from a deeper and emotional mindset. When she’s finished, O thanks her for the help. S accepts it and attempts to leave. As a thank you for helping him out with the piece, he offers to buy her a coffee. Because it’s so late, S jokes around and says even though it’s late, she’s never been one to turn down caffeine.
The two end up grabbing coffee from a late-night café in town.
O takes S home and the two enjoy a quiet drive.
The film then flashes forward a few months to the two in their dating stage. S displays a few photos of the two up on her wall. One of them being a Polaroid of the two prior to the release of the film when they first met at their chemistry read at the auditions. Another one was during the final scene of their film when S opens up to O about why she was guarded. She lost her sister a year prior to the auditions for the film. She was understandably heartbroken about it and lost all her passion for performing. Her family later encouraged her to get back into it. The film was her first project since then and because her sister was also a talented musician who taught her how to play, it was hard. She auditioned for the role to feel closer to her.
The film flashes forward to their first Thanksgiving as a couple. The two went to a barn to take a couple of photos together.
The two get engaged on the night of the premiere of the film. It is a very sweet moment for the two.
About three months after the release of the film, the two are in a pretty happy place. Thanks to the success of the film, both S & O are getting opportunities in the acting and performing world. O gets an opportunity to do a project overseas while S is cast in a drama series that’s shooting locally. S can see that her relationship with O is moving in a more serious direction and truthfully, that scares her. She had never really been in a serious relationship before, so she wasn’t sure how to handle the feeling.
O notices she’s been acting weird, particularly about the wedding and questions it. S pretty much takes the easy way out and suggests that the two go their separate ways to focus on their careers. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be a roadblock for him professionally (but also personally). O reiterates that she wouldn’t be, but she doesn’t listen. She refuses to admit the real issue and it hurts, especially since O was going to marry her. S tells him that he should go (overseas to do the project). And as much as he wants her to go with him, he chooses not to fight her on it further. Note that S doesn’t give the ring back. O leaves the apartment, leaving S visibly upset.
A week goes by and the two are not really on speaking terms. O is preparing to go overseas. He heads to the airport. After taking some time, S decides to go to there to catch him before he got on his flight. She apologizes to him and the two decide to be completely honest with each other and work things out. O does decide to move forward with the production, with S taking a little trip to join him towards the end of filming.
A few months pass and S & O’s big day finally arrives. They are getting ready for their first look.
The moment of anticipation.
The moment.
Two years pass and the two are looking at their first glimpse of their new addition to their family.
Memories that will last a lifetime.