new projects!

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We have a couple a new projects that we’ve been developing to prepare for the next few months before the year ends.

November planning (Vlog Theme)

Since we’re about to begin a new month, that means a new theme for doll page. November’s theme will be vlog themed and follow the dolls and the team and their day in the life activities.

“wildwave” Book

We also have started a new story project series. The “wildwave” series will follow a group of college students and their musical journey together as a band. We’ve recently locked down the characters and can’t wait to start our first draft.

“Campus Life” Rewrite

Along with “wildwave”, I have also begun a rewrite of a book series that I started in high school. The “Campus Life” series project has always had a special place in my heart, so I’m excited to take story in a different direction than its original version.

s.p.o.t.s loft

One of our other big projects coming up for the holidays is the construction of our s.p.o.t.s loft, a two-story hangout space for the dolls for our doll page. Pictured below is a behind the scenes look at our tester set that was constructed to get measurements. The official debut of the finished project will be around Thanksgiving.

Prepping for the new year

And lastly, we are overall prepping for the new monthly themes for the new year! We are really excited to show what we have planned!

xoxo, Kennedy & Raigan

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