DIY Must Haves

The s.p.o.t.s guide to DIYs and the basic craft supplies that every DIYer should have. Here is the complete list of the basic supplies we use to create our sets and props.

Mechanical pencils. We prefer to use mechanical or lead pencils while crafting since they are easier to erase pencil lines, but any pencil will do.
X-Acto Knife. A proper crafting knife is key in our set building. We use X-Acto knives to primarily cut foam board for our sets. Whatever X-Acto knife you decide to purchase, make sure that you have a sharp blade installed to get cleaner cut lines.
Sharpies. It’s always a good idea to have a sharpie (preferably black) handy while crafting.
Spiral Notebook or Looseleaf Paper. In this digital age, using spiral notebooks and looseleaf paper while crafting is quite uncommon, but it always good to have a backup place to write your measurements and any other notes you take while photographing.
Tape. You never know when you’ll need tape to fix a rip during your crafting projects.
Hot Glue Gun & Sticks. We always use a glue gun when crafting sets. We invested a little bit of money to get a good one since our smaller ones were getting a lot of use and abuse, but a small one works just as well. Just be prepared to replace it every once and while.
Pliers. These are handy to have by in case you need them while crafting.
Scissors. An absolute necessity that you can find just about anywhere. We recommend purchasing bent scissors since they make it easier to cut paper and cardboard without your hands getting stuck.
Ruler. Accurate measurements are key when crafting. A ruler is a great tool in the success of this. We use a clear ruler to see our previously drawn pencil lines, but you can use any ruler that you want. For big crafting projects, we recommend using a larger ruler or measuring tape that gives you more inches.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for a new post every Friday!

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