Our Photography Tools

Our Photography Tools

We have a specific set of tools that we use to photograph our dolls for photo shoots. Overtime, our tools have changed, but here’s a glimpse into all of the tools we currently use to create content for the s.p.o.t.s dolls.


Light Box. This is the primary tool for our photo shoots because it is what we photograph our dolls in. This light box set cost approximately $50 at the time and has been a great investment. The light box comes with a few different color backdrops, light filters, & two standing ring lights. Because of what we do, we primarily use the white backdrop and filter for easier editing, but it depends on what your photography subject is. Unfortunately, the light box we initially purchased is currently unavailable, but we will include the link below so you can find a similar one with the same tools.

*Alternative: Before we purchased the light box, and we used a DIY light box constructed with a cardboard box, white tissue paper, white duck tape, white poster board, and 2 LED desk lights. This is a bit of a cheaper alternative, but be sure to take caution while using it, since the tissue paper and box could possibly rip overtime or during a photo shoot. We also included the link on how to make the DIY light box from Pinterest.



Backdrops. Most light boxes that you can purchase should come with a backdrop or backdrops. We primarily use the white backdrop since it naturally brightens our photography subject/s in photos.

*Alternative: A simple white poster board is always an easy go-to for photo shoots. We use white poster boards for flat-lay photography and other photography subjects that are too big to fit in the light box.


Ring Lights. Good lighting is key in photography. Ring lights are a great investment if you want to brighten up your photos and/or videos. The two ring lights that we have came with the light box and can stand on their own. However, we move them around and sometimes hold them while taking photos to get the right lighting.


Additional Lighting. Even though you’re filming in a light box or something similar, additional lighting is key for photography. Natural lighting is usually the best in this case. However, we use a 5-light floor lamp to provide additional lighting.


Camera. A camera is the top tool in photography. While a digital camera is a good investment, we primarily use our iPhone cameras for filming and editing.

Photography Subject. Last but not least is your photography subject. We typically photograph dolls and doll props, but you can photograph anything you like!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for a new blog post every Friday!